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Knight Teir/Stat System

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1 Knight Teir/Stat System on Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:00 am

Grandmaster Knight

A Power Level「闘級 Tōkyū」 is a person's pure fighting prowess presented as a numerical value. A person's total power level is the sum of three different values:

Chakra/Magic「魔力 Maryoku」: a measure of magical power.
Strength「武力 Buryoku」: a measure of physical ability.
Spirit/Endurance「気力 Kiryoku」: a measure of composure, determination and perseverance.
It is to be noted however that power levels are nothing more than rough estimates of one's overall capabilities and, at best, should be used for nothing more than reference. Their values can change, mainly based on the situation at hand, compatibility between powers as well as each individual's physical and mental condition and overall skill.

Starting Amounts
E Rank: 20 points
D Rank: 40 points
C rank: 50 points

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2 Re: Knight Teir/Stat System on Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:04 am

Grandmaster Knight

The starting stats are for the following ranks:

Basic Stat Levels

0-10 Knight with this many points in any area are average, equivalent to any other Knight.

11-15 Stats with this much points mean that the Knight  is more advanced than normal in the specific area.

16-25 These are more intermediate Knight in the specific area. These are almost superhuman abilities.

26-35 These Knight have trained hard to gain better stats in this area and are close to mastering the area of training.

36-45 Knight with this many points in any area are now practically masters in that certain area.

46-65 This is for the true masters out there, truly unmatched in any area with this much points.

66-99 These Are the Realest Knight in the area of training. Surpassing everyone else 

100+ Legendary Knight.

Defines how fast your character's movements are.

How strong your character is physically.

How much damage he/she can handle before its too much.

Magic Power:
How much Magic resevers your character can use before he/she runs out.

3 Re: Knight Teir/Stat System on Tue Dec 15, 2015 12:17 pm

Grandmaster Knight

Basic Stat Teirs


Teir I: 0-10
The Knight can move at 6  Meter per Second

Teir II:11-15
The Knight can move 8 Meters per second

Teir III:16-25 .
The knight can move 11 Meter per Second

Teir IV 26-35
The Knight can move at 13  meters per second

36-45 Teir V
The Knight can move at 15 Meters per second

Teir VI: 46-65
The Knight can move at 18 meter per second

Teir VII66-80
The Knight can move at 25 meter per second


Teir I:5-10
Hits causes light bruising if at all, only able to knock someone back by a foot.

Teir II: 11-15 points
Direct hits can knock down opponents. Slight soreness in the hit area,and light bruising.

Teir III: 16-25
Direct hits can tear the skin,Moderte bruising or may wind an opponent if hit in the right area.

Teir IV: 26-35
Deeper bruising, hits cause tears in skin, can break cartilage and cause minor fractures in bone with repeated hits to the same area.

Teir V: 36-45
Heavy Bruising, up to one meter knock back.

Teir VI: 46-65
Deep internal bruising, hits can cause minor fractures, three meter knock back.

Teir VII 66-80
Hits can break bones, direct hits can cause internal bleeding and organ damage.


Teir I: 0-10
Even D-rank basic attacks will do extra damage on this person, and will easily make them flinch. Wounds of any rank will severely limit their functionality in battle.

Teir II: 11-15
The Knight is able to resist flinching against D-rank basic attacks.

Teir III: 16-25
Halves forced knock back from D-rank or lower basic attacks, able to fight through pain of D-rank or lower wounds unhindered.

Teir IV: 26-35
The Knight's body is honed to be tougher than average, it takes higher strength to break their cartilage than before

Teir V: 36-45
The ninja no longer bruises as easily, reducing the bruises from basic strikes of C-rank or below

Teir VI 46-65
The user has honed their muscles and skin to reduce topical bruises by one degree (Heavy becomes moderate, moderate becomes light)

Teir VII: 66-80
The Knight can fight through pain, and maintain the use of limbs which have sustained minor fractures, with no penalty to their usage.

For everyone point in magic equals your magic power reseveres.
Teir I: 0-10

Teir II: 11-15

Teir III: 16-25

Teir IV: 26-35

Teir V: 36-45

Teir VI 46-65

Teir VII: 66-80

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