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Power Regulation

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1 Power Regulation on Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:54 am

Grandmaster Knight

Here are some general boundaries for Power parameters, and general boundaries for each rank. Just remember that even with this as a guideline for you guys as members to create abilites.

There are various kinds of elements.
Opposing Elements: When two elements oppose each other, they are strong against each other.

Stat Powers

Certain Powers can bestow or inflict a powerful statistic buff or debuff which increases or decreases a stat by a certain amount. These increases/ decreases vary upon the rank of the abilites.

C-Rank: +0-5 stats
B-Rank: +6-10 stats
A-Rank: +11-15stats
S-Rank: +16-20

Abilities that steal or copy stats
Example:Ban's ability Snatch is  perfect example, these abilites, steal stats, directly increase the power of a Knight, while decreasing a target. These increases vary upon the rank of the abilites.

C-Rank: +0-5 points
B-Rank: +6-10 points  
A-Rank: +11-15 points
S-Rank: +16-20 points

The major draw back for this ability is if you steal to much power you die, so you can only gain stats for the teir you are at.
When trying to steal another a ability with out an open slot will cause you to lose control and kill you.

They are usually capable of increase a person's strength and speed, but other things can be improved as well. However, they are only available for buffing type support Powers.

D: +20%
C: +30%
B: +40%
A: +50%
S: +100%
SS: +200%

Defending using Powers/Abilites

D: Protects against C-rank damage
C: Protects against B-rank damage
B: Protects against A-rank damage
A: Protects against S-rank damage
S: Protects against SS-rank damage
SS: Protects against 2 SS-rank damage


E Rank - Scrapes, negligible bruises, or very light burns.
D Rank - 1/4-3/4 inch cuts, minor bruising, or minor 1st degree tissue damage.
C Rank - 1-1˝ inch cuts, major external bruising (possibly able to fracture bone), or major 1st/minor 2nd degree tissue damage.
B Rank - 2-3 inch cuts, able to break bones with concussive force, or deal major 2nd/minor 3rd Degree tissue damage. Wounds at this rank, if they hit a vital area, can be lethal if not treated with haste; most often, it is at this rank that ninja can start to bleed out.
A Rank - Can cut or pierce directly through an individual, or shatter bones, or deal major 3rd-degree and possibly even 4th-degree tissue damage. The most powerful A-rank Powers are fatal on direct impact, but larger-range techniques can still cause appreciable damage.
S Rank - Able to rend people apart with ease, crush even bone to dust, incinerate, or do damage of the like. These powers have the ability to cause death even at a distance; for this reason, they are considered 'overkill'.

Explosives Powers
D-rank:Causes light damage, also  causes first degree burns.
C-Rank:Causes medium damage, also cause second degree burns.
B-RankExplosive Tags/Bombs- Causes Heavy damage, also cause third degree burns.
A-Rank:Causes Massive damage melts skin and can cripple victims.
S-Rank:Kills enemy in contact.

Speeds Per Rank:
These are the ranges of normal speeds per rank.

Approximate speeds per rank:
E Rank - 0-5mp/s
D Rank - 5-15m/s
C Rank - 15-25m/s
B Rank - 25-35m/s
A Rank - 35-45m/s
S Rank - 45-70m/s


Single-direction ranges | Radius effects
E Rank - 0-5m | 1m radius
D Rank - 5-25m | 2-4m radius
C Rank - 25-40m |4-6m radius
B Rank - 40-60m | 6-15m radius
A Rank - 60-80m | 15-30m radius
S Rank - 80-100m | 30-50m radius

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