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Grandmaster Knight

3,000 years ago
In the ancient past, all Holy Knights of Britannia fought alongside the Fairy Clan, Giant Clan and the Goddess Clan to defeat and seal away the Demon Clan with the Coffin of Eternal Darkness in the old Holy War. Thousands of Holy Knights lost their lives in the ancient war at that time.

1,000 Years ago
Humans fearing the Giant clan laid seize on the Giants. Using Demon blood to strenght their forces, the humans nearly caused exctintion to the clan. The Suriviving Giants moved deep inside the earth creating a safe have. The Goddess Clan disappered soon after.

100 Years ago
Over 100 years ago, the Vampires became the Kings of the World. The humans were food to the Vampires who lurked in the shadows.The Holy Knights would step up to the Vampires, waging war for 25 years. As a stalemate Occured the Fairy Clan aid the humans. This gave the Holy Knights victory.

50 Years Ago
Desolations soon reigned down from the breathes of fire by Dragons. The Dragons caused Havoc,and unleashed Mayhem upon the lands. It was a dark time for the Holy knights. They loss forces day and night. Atlas hope arrived with a small amount of Giants resurfacing. Together they over came the creatures. Holy Knights then allowed the few Giants to join the army.

10 Years Ago
Demons sightings started to spread rumors. Blue,Red,and Grey demons began to attack heavy populated areas. The Seven Deadly Sins became reknown for killing demons. The King reward them with sacred Treasures.

5 Years Ago
5 Years ago, the Lion Sin of Pride challaged the Dragon Sin of Wrath for leadership of the sins. The sins fought amongst each other. The Lion Sin of Pride and two other sins left the seven deadly sins. The Dragon Sin of wrath then disbanned the seven deadly sins.

Present Day
Sighting of Demons has grown more common. Dragons has also been said to attack. The Holy Knights has created Factions, to have teams take down these threats. Rumor of an up rising angst the Holy Knights Spread.

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