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Electricial Vampire

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1 Electricial Vampire on Fri Dec 18, 2015 3:49 pm

Bane Mikaelson

Name:Electrical Vampire
Description:The user can shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons) which give the user control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism. The user can create, shape and manipulate electric fields, the force that hold atoms together within objects, machines and/or a field that surrounds and dwell in a person/being. They can generate electrical fields of their own to form tangible force-fields and many other feats or negate existing electric fields.Electric fields may exist as the bio-electric fields that form the aura of a person/being, flow through their nervous system and/or as an intrinsic field. When an object comes into contact with this field, the electricity uses electromagnetic force to deconstruct the bonds between the atoms that make up that material  separateing them,breaking elements down into it's predortic  elements, example being water to get oxegen and hydorgen. Both elements would be pure unless they formed automatic bonds to another element ,after deconstruction  separates the elements , reconstruction takes it a step further. Instead of simply destroying the bonds between atoms, the user literally alters the very structure of the atom, down to the number of protons, electrons, and neutrons. This allows the user to transform one element into another. The user cannot simply create protons electrons or neutrons, they must have enough matter to manipulate to have enough of each to make his/her desire. This means atoms with higher neutron/proton/electron amounts require more mass to be sacrificed. The matter which is made is then magnetized slightly, causing it to form into any shape of the desires, so long as the mass itself is enough. The user is able to manipulate or interface with electrical signals emitted from living beings and/or machines to control their senses and the ability to act as a transceiver for a electrical signals that grant telepathy and/or empathy to it's users with in the electrical field. The user can sense and control neural impulses, the electrical discharges that travel along the nerve fibers within organisms. The user can also establish a link between organisms to mentally pick up and transmit neural impulses as if they were your own to begin with. The user can manipulate electric currents that exist within all aspects of the body existing in the nervous system, heart and muscles whether the user's or their targets. In the midst of battle, the user can suppress pain and cripple their target when there's an opening. The user can make create neural impulses to stimulate targets sensitivity to pain, to mimic electric shocks, or even compel the target's senses by sending elertric singals to their body, if the user so wishes to. The user can gain strength and energy by/from feeding off of others' nerve impulses and can use the energy for a variety of powers, such as strength, speed, and healing and sustaining oneself for a set amount of time, this happens by contact. The user also has the power to energize minds to achieve a higher level of focus, reflex, and sense for combat, and can also increase the surge of neural impulses that are released to perform his/her or peers actions faster for a breif moment..
Strenghts:Can numb target and effect senses.
Weakness:Can be deadly to the user, and earth element.

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