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Prologue Event: Shattering Hell's Gate|| Arc: Awakening

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Kurix Harlequin

Present Day

To the Holy Knights of Liones,

I call upon you to investigate a disturbance in the lower regions of the palace.
My council believes that Giants have been excavating underneath the palace either

expanding for attack or unknowingly causing spikes of earthquakes.

I do not believe they have discovered the seal, but I ask that you send your finest knights

to investigate.  If you are to run into any resistance do not hesitate to use force.

As a family, as a force, as the fore bringers of peace, come together and put an end to the menace

that torments our lands.

Good Luck my Holy Knights,

Leo Lionheart of High King of Britannia

[Plot Notes:] Okay so this is the note that has been sent by the King to dawn Roar to go investigate the tremors that have been occurring underneath the castle.  Basically this will be where everyone meets before going to the cave.



Bump dafaq going on?

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