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1 Tsukuyomi on Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:01 pm



Name: Kateryna Tsukuyomi Murciélago
Title:Empress Kateryna,  The Black Queen
Birth Date:March 2nd
Faction:Phoenix Fire

Kateryna comes across as being blunt and to the point with people, many would consider her to have the typical 'soldier' personality. Kateryna is not girly at all, in truth Kateryna is a soldier, she uses her abilities to hunt down and destroy those who disturb the peace. This is her sworn duty and upholds it well. She is a no nonsensical type of person and gives others little room to move in and keeps them at arm's-length. When on the hunt or a mission it is not a good idea to bother her. She is quick to judge and quicker to punish. Often considered calm, cold and calculating. She always thinks before acting. And of course very quick to put men and dogs in their places.

Kateryna isn't completely cold though, around people who have gotten to know her and when she is not on a mission. She comes across as being relaxed though still blunt to a point, she smiles and even has a sense of humor about small things. She enjoys being with people though doesn't necessarily like to do all the talking, her people skills are low because of her duty as a soldier, which she puts first and foremost.

Rarely is she ever upset to the point she shows her emotions, when sad she is more the type to lock herself in her room. When angry all bets are off. Few things can cause her to become so angry it shows, and when it shows Kateryna is downright deadly. Murderers, rapists and traitors often add to this. Often shouting or fighting with them in attempt to really kill them.  Ironically Kateryna will look to cut down anyone in her way, whether child or ally if they ever get in her way, which is a major contradiction within her personality. Kateryna has been known to go to extremes to get rid of her enemies meaning committing genocides and murders which gives her the title of being a villain at times.

Surprising as it may be, despite holding her stature as a leader and soldier above all. No matter how strong the soldier she may seem and anti-feminine she acts most of the time, Kateryna has a sweet side. Though rarely seen by others she does enjoy girly things from time to time, she loves chocolate, flowers and particularly kittens that melt her heart.

Height:5”11 inches
Weight: 153 lbs
General Appearance:

Kateryna best quality as a person is her physical appearance. Albeit, this isn't simply because she is regarded as a stunning woman who most men, and even women, find themselves infatuated with, but rather because of her stunning appearance for her age. At age 27, which puts her peak life, Kateryna has maintained her same features from the time she was twenty. This isn't because of any form of technique and is simply a matter of her own unique biology. Albeit this blessing, Kateryna is still a rather a very proud woman, not for others, but for herself, and as such her appearance is very important to her.

Her most distinctive trait is her hair. Since she was born she had always had black hair that is comparable to the color of the night, hence why some people call her "the black queen", a name which she deeply detests. Smooth to the touch and long enough to reach all the way down to the nape of her back, Kateryna favors wearing most of her hair long. While most of her hair would fall onto her back, she always leaves two long strands of it to hang just over her shoulders, which often times enough would draw attention to her ears. This hairstyle is particularly her favorite because of what she would do with the front end of her hair which is shorter than the back. She would keep it up in a large bun that is swept to the left of her face. This in turns leaves her entire forehead exposed and covers her left eye most times as somewhat of an attraction. Apply this hairstyle is something she doesn't have to actually take time to do as her hair as somewhat adapted to staying that way.

The rest of her face encompasses her having a rather oval-heart shaped face - supported by her hairstyle. She has slim trim eyebrows that are white in color like her hair. Her eyes itself are deep set, her iris being a distinguishable color of purple and her eyelids are naturally long and voluptuous. She has a rather small nose, but it fits well with her face. Her lips are slim, and usually covered in her favorite shades of lipsticks, it is usually moist. Without lipstick it is still very supple though. She has a bit of a tendency for biting her lips whenever she is excited, angry or idle. Behind her lips she has white teeth. Albeit, they aren't as stereotypically perfect as one might expect since she has a chipped incisor, but other than that it is as white as the average persons simply. Her face, like her hair, is smooth to the touch, albeit the woman is vulnerable to small pimples, etc, every now and then. Regardless, she keeps most of these face plagues at bay with regular face washes, days at the spar, etc.

Kateryna best physical features is actually her face as her body isn't as buxom or curvaceous as most women, especially women, but regardless her body is certainly great enough to turn hells when stacked with her beautiful face. She stands at 5'11" without the addition of any heels, making her quite tall by both average women and men standards. While most women would have found themselves to be too tall, her height is something Kateryna fancies very much as it shows her dominance. She in fact usually wears high heels, in turn she usually comes off a inch taller, at 6'0". Her weight is affected primarily by her height, making her 153 lbs, which is rather heavy by most standards even though she has a very average body shape. Her body doesn't compromise of much fat since she doesn't have much on her, while most of whatever fat she does have is in the form of muscle. On her chest, she possesses average size breasts, able to fit into a D cup, firm and supple on her chest. She has a flat stomach, but not so flat that she looks like a walking stick, as such there is just a faint amount of fat along it to give her a move pronounce shaped. Her abs is well pronounced something she's proud of, and her belly button is inverted/innie. Downwards, her thighs are slender like the rest of her. There isn't much trace of fat in them and they are rather muscular, supporting her athletics background. Between her thighs they are slightly spread apart, which tends to draw more of a appeal towards her. Her feet fit into a size 8. In terms of hair and so forth, as prideful woman she is very keen on hygiene. She shaves regularly, in all the mandatory parts every week.


From the moment Kateryna was born, she was considered a blessed child by many in the Brintina. Born into the home of a wealthy family in the city of Mishma, she would have everything she ever needed in terms of material possession. However, the young woman was never spoiled nor was she without the love of her adoring parents Jonathan and Margret. Kateryna's parents were of the rare breed of human who kept their souls and moralities after coming into a high amount of wealth and because of that was never famous beyond those who knew and loved them and they also were among the few adults that had survived the lethal virus that had plagued the earth but even though they had survived they were extremely sickly and would be kept alive with a make shift serum to prolong their suffering so they could see their daughter grow into a fine young woman they knew she would be.

Young Kateryna starting at the age of five began her schooling, her parents opting for the private school life. The teachings included everything you'd expect. Math, History, Music, Science, Geography and even less taught subjects such as learning about worldly Religions and politics. However, her schooling and upbringing did have one class which you'd never find in the normal schooling area unless you were in a school designed around it and that would be her father's combat training.

Jonathan’s view was that to keep a strong body was the same as keeping a strong mind and one was essential for the other. He also used it to teach his daughter about honor, respect and dedication. Young Kateryna, never one to be a girly girl at her age was in love with the lessons. At this age her father would only teach her how to use the most basic of weapons such as your single handed swords such as the common one handed double edge and the rapier for fencing. But as Kateryna mastered these combat styles just as she mastered each of her lessons brought on by her mother, Johnathan became compelled to teach her how to use more exotic weaponry that Kateryna seemed to be attracted to.
By the age of eleven Kateryna was skillful in numerous fighting styles and knew how to use the most common weaponry skillfully and was well on her way to using the most exotic of weaponry skillfully. A few months later, at the age of eleven still another event happened. Her mother and father gave birth to another young little girl named Victoria. Kateryna was ecstatic over her little sister, always have wanting a sibling. So far, life seemed well and it remained the same up until she was fourteen years old.

Age fourteen is when the classical rebellious stage set in. Although her parents expected this to happen sooner or later they were dreading it all the same, even more so considering her father taught her how to effectively use melee weapons. Luckily though, Jonathan’s and Margret's visions of the city burning to ashes with their daughter standing on top of a pile of boys' bodies was replaced with the reality of her desire to protect others at any cost.

Jonathan didn't feel like she was ready to learn magic just yet, although he always intended to teach it to her but Kateryna defiantly did anyway, even without his first anyway. Kateryna started sneaking into her father's private study when he wasn't around, looking at his personal notes on Cursed Gear and even reading some books on it. Before long Kateryna was already understanding and harnessing the basics of the art, at least in theory. She was afraid to actually attempt to use a Cursed Gear without her father's guidance so, she told him one day what she had learned on her own. Eventually however he would come to terms that she was just as hard headed as he was and he had presented her with the family’s most prized weapon Fragarach. It was different from the traditional sword but due to her determination to make her father proud she had spent years to master this unnatural weapon.

At the age of sixteen Kateryna met Michael, a young boy from the market place in her city. Although at the time it was impossible for her to know this, the young man would soon be wedded to her and become her husband. There love started violently when some young punks attempted to rob the store at which he worked when Kateryna was just passing through. The robbers had no skill so with her life's weapon training it was rather easy for her to deal with them swiftly enough.

Michael was entranced by Kateryna's elegance in combat and even more so her magic, as a studying caster himself. As the would be crooks were getting hauled off, Michael started to flirt with the teenage Kateryna and there connection was instant. The two started dating and were very much happy with each other, however Kateryna's father was not so sure. Although he could never explain why he didn't trust the boy. Kateryna played it off as him simply not wanting his little girl to grow up and ignored his pleas to break up with the boy. Her father was dead set against it but after seeing his daughter was going to do it anyway, he gave in reluctantly. On Kateryna's wedding day, her father gave her the sterling silver arm cuff she wears to this day as a wedding gift. It had belong to his father's, father and his father before him. The gift was perfect in Kateryna's eyes and she hasn't gone any place without it on her arm since.

Michael and Kateryna lived together happily wedded for a year, never moving out of there home town. Kateryna was ecstatic to be with a man whom she loved and cared for and Michael was happy to be with a beautiful girl whom had a wealthy family, although Kateryna was not aware that is what he loved her for. One day Michael said he was going to go out to the market place, but he was acting some what strange this day.

He was acting solemn as if he knew what was going to happen that dreadful day on her 18th birthday. As a birthday gift before he left, he gave Kateryna the magically preserved rose that will never wilt that she still to this day has in her hair. She begged him not to go out that day, to stay home and remain with her for the rest of the day. She could feel that was something was off with Michael and worried about it. But he left anyway, ignoring her minor pleas. It was the last time Kateryna ever saw her husband.

A full day passed and with no sign of her beloved, she went to her old home to talk to her father about it, hoping he could help her find him as she was starting to get extremely worried about his safety. However, when she arrived back home she was met with a grotesque horror scene. Upon entering the main hall she found her entire family, slaughtered. Kateryna could do nothing but burst out into silent tears and drop to her knees. She was having trouble processing anything that was currently happened..blood. So much..blood. It's all she could really think about.

About an hour passed in which time she had regained her composure, called the Holy Knights. Since they were the governing body and it seemed to be the work of a demon kill them. Kateryna set at home, waiting and waiting for her lover to return but he never did. After two weeks passed she had gone and had enough of it, this silent waiting, this cold loneliness that was attempting to engulf her. She was depressed, pissed off and getting desperate for answers so Kateryna set out to find out the truth for herself.

Kateryna vowed to find who did this, even if it was Michael and to give them the harshest of verdicts. Death. With vengeance set upon her heart, Kateryna set out on the start of her journey..She would find whoever killed her parents and they would pay. She would find her husband and he would also pay for abandoning her. It was time for her to get up and use all that her father and mother had taught her. It was time to begin life anew.

Driven by her hatred she was recruited by the Leader of the then leader of the Phoenix Fire Faction, whom was impressed by her combat skills and her drive to rid the world of monsters and by the time she had turned 22 she had found out that a legion of vampires and demons had devised a plan to assassinate the noble families of the Human Race and unfortunately her family was the first and so she had taken it upon herself to eradicate the entire legion of monsters that had gathered which she had succeeded to do so. She had gotten justice for her family but she had still yet to find Michael and had completely given up on finding him.

At 23 she was promoted and was often touted to become the leader  but  was deemed too dangerous and unpredictable to hold such a position. In truth many don’t trust the young girl as she often killed allies in battle after all there had to be martyrs for her cause which of course lead to her serving time in jail and was “reformed.” After that she had earned her another  promotion after the passing of the Faction leader and was now the leader of Phoenix fire

Face Claim: Yatogami Tōka- Date a Live

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