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Magia Erebea (Yami no Mahō) [Black of Venus]

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Yaboku Yato

Name: Magia Erebea (Yami no Mahō) [Black of Venus]
Type: Dark Elemental Magic
Description:  Magia Erebea (闇の魔法「マギア・エレベア」, Yami no Mahō; Literally "Dark Magic") is a forbidden technique created by Kanna Kuro-Ya over a period of 10 years, in which the user absorbs offensive magic designed to harm them into his own body, to the point where it fuses with their very soul. The technique feeds on the user's body and soul, but in return the user gains power many times that of any ordinary person.It works by absorbing the spells into the caster and gaining properties of that same spell. The spell Magia Erebea harnesses the spell's energy and once absorbed by the caster, it is fused directly to the caster's soul. With the insanity of absorbing one’s own offensive magic and allowing it to devour the soul and body, the mage gains incredible power many times beyond normal.

A sign of that ability, a series of flowing tattoo-like designs appear over their arms whenever they channel magical power to them. When the technique itself is active, the user's skin will turn pitch black, and in some cases, their clothing and even their eyes will invert in color. Any special properties of the spell that is absorbed will also transfer to the user.
Yaboku's Tattoo's:
Incantation and Usage:
The essential commands added at the end of another incantation which allow the mage to absorb the spell to augment himself. A form of spell delay. However, taking the concept of spell delay one step further, the mage’s soul, or spiritual existence, contains then actually fuses with the spirit of the spell.

Stagnet (固定, Fixate): The released spell is concentrated into a sphere
Complexio (掌握, Seize): The mage uses one hand to ‘hold’ the sphere and absorb it
With the insanity of absorbing one’s own offensive magic and allowing it to devour the soul and body, the mage gains incredible power many times beyond normal.

A failed fusion will result in the spell’s spirit rampaging through the mage physically and mentally.

Supplementum (­魔力充塡, Load Magic): The caster facilitates the absorbing process of the spell into them.
Pro Armationem (­術式兵装, Armament): The mage takes on aspects of the absorbed spell.

Actus Noctis Erebeae:
Strengths: Enhances physical and magical techniques. Can absorb elemental magic becoming the element of magic acquired.  The more the ability increase in rank the longer one's life becomes.  

Weakness: The primary disadvantage of the Magia Erebea, however, is the corruptive nature of the spell, known as the "Encroachment of Erebea". It feeds on the user's body and soul, as any dark feelings; such as hatred, greed, lust, revenge, in other words, negative emotions. As the corruption furthers, the user's body is overwhelmed by their own darkness and negativity, transforming their body in a partially reptilian monster; granting them a clawed hands and feet, a long, whiplike tail, as well as more prominent canines and longer hair. When in this monstrous state, the user gains vastly enhanced physical abilities and magical power, which is evident in the crest-like aura the emanates from their body, but lose all sense of self, becoming a monster with no sanity bent entirely on killing everything in their path. The worst case scenario is that the caster dies.
{Encroachment of Erebea Gauge}
[E-Rank] 25%

[D-Rank] 20%






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